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Can Current Employees Sign a Non-Competition Agreement?

Wisconsin recently became the thirtieth state to follow the majority rule when it comes to consideration for non-competition agreements. It held that continued employment constitutes lawful consideration for a non-compete agreement signed by an existing at-will employee (i.e., one that does not have a contract).  Continue reading

How to protect your alarm business from unfair competition.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERARivalry among alarm business competitors might be fierce, but it also should be fair and legal.  If your confidential information such as customer lists or pricing data get into the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for your business.  As can a key employee’s departure to a competitor with all the details about your business in hand.  What can you do to protect your business’ confidential information in the first instance? And what are your options if you are subjected to competition that is not fair and legal? Continue reading